Thursday, March 19, 2009

Are Your Favorite TV Shows on the Renewal Bubble?

Spring is in the air -- well by tomorrow anyway -- and television's annual rite of passage has the networks planning their fall schedules. To make room for new shows, some of your favorites may not live to see another season. With ad revenue down due to the shaky economy, some of the more expensive shows may be axed in cost-saving measures. Look for most of the cuts to occur at NBC, where room has to be made for Jay Leno's move into prime time.

In its March 23-29 issue, TV Guide reports the following shows are most in jeopardy:

  • Samantha Who? - update: officially cancelled
  • Cold Case - update: renewed for 7th season; moved to 10pm E/P
  • Eleventh Hour - update: cancelled
  • Gary Unmarried - update: renewed
  • Rules of Engagement - update: renewed
  • The Unit - update: cancelled
  • Without a Trace - update: cancelled
  • Worst Week - update: cancelled

The CW

  • Everybody Hates Chris -update: cancelled
  • The Game - update: cancelled
  • Privileged - update: cancelled
  • Reaper -update: cancelled


  • Dollhouse - update: renewed for 13-episode second season
  • Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - update: cancelled
  • Chuck - update: renewed for 13-episode third season
  • Friday Night Lights - update: renewed for two seasons; 13 eps each
  • Kath & Kim - update: cancelled
  • Knight Rider - update: cancelled
  • Law & Order - update: renewed for 16-episode 20th season
  • Life - update: cancelled
  • Medium - update: cancelled, but picked up by CBS and moved to Friday
  • My Name is Earl - update: cancelled, but may be picked up by ABC or FOX

Stay tuned! The fall schedules are announced by the networks in May. Update: Here is a link of a great cheat sheet from Entertainment Weekly for all renewals/cancellations: click here

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