Friday, July 1, 2011

Thanks -- and Farewell

Repeating what I first reported last month -- thanks to all of you who have followed me here on the blog and on Twitter @Entertainment2u. It's been a pleasure keeping you updated on the latest movies, television, music, online and other entertainment news over the past couple of years. I started all of this back in March 2009 as a hobby -- and it quickly became a passion. But due to a real full-time job and mounting pressures on my time, I can no longer do it all!

You may have s
een hints that this was coming -- as my movie reviews ended earlier this year, the weekly music blog posts become monthly, etc. So today, I have ended the Twitter entertainment feed and the blog altogether. I do hope you were able to celebrate this milestone with the special contest I ran over the past month -- just my way of thanking you for all your support.

Thanks again, and farewell -- for now!

(PS: links to iRazoo, SuperPoints and other earning sites remain valid)

Farewell Contest Winner Revealed!

Congrats go out to Ali K. -- aka @GeekChic21. Ali had the winning random tweet entry in the Entertainment2u Farewell Contest -- and will receive her iPod Nano and iTunes gift card next week. Click here for more details on the Twitter contest!

Thanks to the hundreds of you who entered during the contest period -- resulting in thousands of valid entries. During the contest, @Entertainment2u reached 1735 followers!

And thank you all for following the blog and @Entertainment2u on Twitter. You've all been great.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

SuperPoints -- Another Easy Way to Win Free Prizes!

If you're looking for an easy way to earn more free rewards online, check out the SuperPoints Network. The site has actually been around for several years -- and in the past, offered rewards for things such as searching and shopping. Then the site took a hiatus last year and relaunched with different features.

For a limited-time only, you can join SuperPoints for FREE! That's right, it's free to join and free to use. And it's VERY easy to win points that you can then trade in for rewards. Recently, the site added many prizes to its rewards catalog -- from gift cards to popular electronics.

You earn points by:
  • clicking a button and getting 0-300 points on each click
  • watching short videos for 1-5 point(s) each
  • completing special offers for mega points
  • completing surveys for additional points

Join here.

Keep in mind:

  • The site is adding more ways to earn SOON -- so get in now while it's still free -- that's a limited-time offer!
  • The site matches your friends' button wins -- with NO cap! So, refer some of your friends to join, too! Similar to the search and win sites like iRazoo, you'll earn more if you have active referrals under you.
  • You can increase the number of button clicks you get by increasing your membership level (easy and free to do; just click the link to the left of the button once you're on the site).
  • You must live in the US, CA or UK to be a member of the site.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Win Free Amazon
Gift Cards on iRazoo!

The search and win site iRazoo recently instituted a new point policy -- making it easier to win! Use iRazoo just like you use non-win search engines like Google and Bing. Each search will give you a random chance to win varied points -- from 10-100. And you can win between 5-10 times during the day!

Once you reach 3000 points, you can cash out to receive a $5 Amazon gift card -- totally free! Within one to four weeks of cashing out, you'll receive your gift card code and can add it to your Amazon account balance. Amazon codes never expire -- and are stackable! You can also exchange your iRazoo points for other exciting prizes such as mp3 players, cameras, memory sticks and video game systems -- but the Amazon prize is the BEST bang for your buck.

The key to these sites is to join, get comfortable with how things work and then get some of your friends in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom to join under you as well. You will automatically earn matching points each time your friend earns points. For example, if your friend wins 20 points while searching, you will also get 20 points added to your account as well -- up to a cap of 3000 points per friend.

iRazoo recently added more chances to earn by completing special offers. To learn more, just click on the EARN POINTS tab at the top of the home page and then click on OFFERS. Just by clicking that link, you'll receive 5 points daily! And there are many videos to watch and other offers to add to your tally.

It's free to register and free to play -- so don't delay! Register here and start winning today -- you'll even get 50 points to start you off just for joining!


Bonus codes are given out frequently via iRazoo's Facebook and Twitter accounts. After you've registered via the link above, go to the site's top menu bar, click on EARN POINTS and drop down to TREASURE CODES. Add the following codes in the field before their expiration times for easy additional points! Codes are case-sensitive -- so it's best to copy and paste!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Win Free Money from Instant Cash Sweepstakes!

Looking for an EASY way to build your PayPal account? Luckily there is a site where you can actually earn quick money JUST for answering 3- to 5-question surveys -- Instant Cash Sweepstakes. After you win enough money (just $2 or more), you simply cash out and the money is sent directly to your PayPal account within HOURS!

You can even write surveys -- and each month, the writer of the survey rated the best wins $100! And to top that, there is a daily $50 drawing -- and you gain entries ("lottery tickets") each time you complete or write a survey! You can win multiple times -- and EntertainmentBlogger is living proof -- winning the daily prize three times!

One lucky registered user won $1099 in the site's Tax Cut Sweepstakes in 2009! And there's always something new at ICS. Last fall, the site also implemented a $2 drawing held EVERY four hours. But even with ongoing changes, the site remains free to register -- and free to use!

Click here to join now!

Monday, June 13, 2011

MusicMonday: Final Column

I hope you've enjoyed the occasional list of free downloads -- and other music updates that have appeared on the blog. Here's one more set of freebies below.

Free download of your choice
  • Compliments of Land O'Frost, complete a short 9-question survey and receive a free download of your choice! Offer expires July 31. Click here.

List of free singles
  • Are you fans of internet sensation Karmin? You can get free downloads including "Written in the Stars" and "Taken Away" via their site here -- or by clicking the image at right.
  • The Black Lips' "Modern Art" can be downloaded via SPIN here.
  • Also from SPIN, download "Bloody Poetry" from rapper Grieves here.
  • Smashing Pumpkins now has ten free downloads on its site -- with the latest being "Owata." Download them all here.

Free compilations

  • Compliments of SPIN, download 20 tracks from Bonnaroo performers here. Artists include Robert Plant, My Morning Jacket and Florence + the Machine!
  • From SPIN and iTunes comes 15 free singles here -- including one from the Meat Puppets. Offer expires June 30.
  • Is country more your style? Compliments of PEOPLE and iTunes is a set of six songs -- including one from Reba McEntire -- here. Offer expires July 31.

Great sites to bookmark

Want more free downloads? Well, don't forget to continually check the following sources -- new songs covering all genres are added frequently. Just click on the links below and enjoy some new tunes.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Review Archived Posts

Don't forget to click on the "older posts" link below to read more entertainment updates. Here are just a few highlights:

  • A recap of my trip to New Orleans for Jazz fest (click here)
  • A recap/review of a trip to see a Saturday Night Live rehearsal (click here)
  • Past movie reviews.
  • Past MusicMonday columns with music news and free download links

You can also access these posts by clicking on the archived listings found on the upper left area of the blog.