Friday, July 1, 2011

Thanks -- and Farewell

Repeating what I first reported last month -- thanks to all of you who have followed me here on the blog and on Twitter @Entertainment2u. It's been a pleasure keeping you updated on the latest movies, television, music, online and other entertainment news over the past couple of years. I started all of this back in March 2009 as a hobby -- and it quickly became a passion. But due to a real full-time job and mounting pressures on my time, I can no longer do it all!

You may have s
een hints that this was coming -- as my movie reviews ended earlier this year, the weekly music blog posts become monthly, etc. So today, I have ended the Twitter entertainment feed and the blog altogether. I do hope you were able to celebrate this milestone with the special contest I ran over the past month -- just my way of thanking you for all your support.

Thanks again, and farewell -- for now!

(PS: links to iRazoo, SuperPoints and other earning sites remain valid)


  1. that's sad, i liked your blog

  2. I am always liked your blog and look for things over here. I enjoy over here. But i not want you to leave this....

  3. That's Very Bad News For Us...I Hope You Come Soon..Thanks For Sharing..Telugu Movie Reviews

  4. That's bad. But you have a full time ahead for you. Definitely, a good news and a bad news. Well, good luck on your endeavors.

  5. Ohh... thats really really bad, i always liked your blog!

  6. Entertainment
    I just found your blog and want to say thank you! What an enjoyable time looking
    through so many Entertainment sites. Thanks for sharing