Friday, June 5, 2009

Ratings for the MTV Movie Awards Soar -- Thanks to Brüno/Eminem Stunt and Twilight

Hosted by Saturday Night Live's Andy Samberg, ratings for the May 31 MTV Movie Awards jumped a whopping 92% over last year's show -- likely due to the huge interest by Twilight fans. Those fans tuned in for the exclusive first look of the trailer to the November sequel, The Twilight Saga: New Moon (click here) -- and got to see the original win five buckets of golden popcorn -- including one for best movie.

But the highlight of the evening was the kickoff for the marketing campaign for Sacha Baron Cohen's new comedy, Brüno. Cohen's bare-assed swan dive into rapper Eminem's face (click here) lead to incredible buzz -- and left many questioning whether Eminem, who stormed out, was in on the stunt. A few days later, Eminem confirmed he was -- even though many viewers surprisingly thought otherwise (see poll results below).

Note: Here are the results of the EntertainmentBlogger poll -- which closed as soon as Eminem announced he was in on the stunt.

Do you think Eminem was in on the Brüno stunt at the MTV Movie Awards show?

Yes = 55 votes (41%)
No = 79 votes (59%)

Total votes = 134

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