Saturday, October 3, 2009

Free Movie Weekend!

Would you like to see Zombieland or Whip It this weekend but not willing to shell out $10 to see one? Or maybe it's raining and you'd rather curl up and watch a movie at home? Whatever the case, here is a round-up of FREE movie alternatives for your weekend. Enjoy!


This year marks the 70th anniversary of the classic film, The Wizard of Oz. In honor of this milestone, Netflix is streaming the film on its site for free! But don't delay -- you only have til 9AM EST tomorrow to view the movie. Click on the 1939 movie poster image above to watch!


A NEW star-studded film is available now for FREE viewing online -- or even on your cell phone. John Leguizamo, Judi Dench, Eddie Izzard, Dianne Wiest, Steve Buscemi and Jude Law star in Sally Potter's Rage. The film is being described as a bitterly funny expos̩ of the inner lives of individuals working at a New York fashion house Рas if shot by a schoolboy on his cell phone camera. The action occurs over seven days in which an accident on the runway becomes a murder investigation. Babelgum, the global web video site, makes the 98-minute film available in seven parts. Click here to learn more and watch!


Here are TWO free movie rental codes for use at Blockbuster's Express kiosks:
  • GW99A5 -expires 10/05
  • GE99A - expires 10/23
Click here for a list of Blockbuster kiosk locations.


Not to be outdone, Redbox also has several free movie rental codes available. Remember, you can only use a code once -- so write down this list and then cross off the ones you've used. No expiration dates have been attached to these codes yet:
  • 9H2VEE27
  • SMR8DVD (McDonald's only)
  • DVDATWAG (Walgreen's only)

Click here to find a Redbox near you. And remember to check back here this Monday (and the first Monday of every month) for a code good JUST for that day only.

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