Friday, July 1, 2011

Thanks -- and Farewell

Repeating what I first reported last month -- thanks to all of you who have followed me here on the blog and on Twitter @Entertainment2u. It's been a pleasure keeping you updated on the latest movies, television, music, online and other entertainment news over the past couple of years. I started all of this back in March 2009 as a hobby -- and it quickly became a passion. But due to a real full-time job and mounting pressures on my time, I can no longer do it all!

You may have s
een hints that this was coming -- as my movie reviews ended earlier this year, the weekly music blog posts become monthly, etc. So today, I have ended the Twitter entertainment feed and the blog altogether. I do hope you were able to celebrate this milestone with the special contest I ran over the past month -- just my way of thanking you for all your support.

Thanks again, and farewell -- for now!

(PS: links to iRazoo, SuperPoints and other earning sites remain valid)

Farewell Contest Winner Revealed!

Congrats go out to Ali K. -- aka @GeekChic21. Ali had the winning random tweet entry in the Entertainment2u Farewell Contest -- and will receive her iPod Nano and iTunes gift card next week. Click here for more details on the Twitter contest!

Thanks to the hundreds of you who entered during the contest period -- resulting in thousands of valid entries. During the contest, @Entertainment2u reached 1735 followers!

And thank you all for following the blog and @Entertainment2u on Twitter. You've all been great.