Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Poll Results: Where Are They?

UPDATE -- now poll results after this date can be found in the archive by clicking the SURVEY SAYS image at left.

So you've participated in some EntertainmentBlogger polls and want to see the final results? Well for the most part, results will remain in the left sidebar for at least a week. Then the results will move to the original article posting. For example, poll results related to Michael Jackson can now be found here. Remember, you can reach the archived stories on the left sidebar area, too.

Sometimes, polls occur without a main story tie-in. In those rare cases, a separate post will be made for those results. That was the case with a recent poll on the Academy Awards. Here is that poll and results:

What do you think about the Academy Awards' decision to double the number of best picture nominees from 5 to 10?
  • Like it -- the more the merrier = 15 (38%)
  • Hate it -- should keep it at 5 = 24 (61%)
Total votes: 39

Thanks again for voting! And keep on the lookout for more polls. New polls are posted in the left sidebar each week.

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