Thursday, May 14, 2009

Recap of an Explosive LOST Season 5 Finale

It was an explosive end to season 5 of LOST as the producers cleared some things up, then confused us all over again. To recap some highlights:

  • We finally got to meet the never-before-seen uber-boss of the island, Jacob...only to see him stabbed to death by Ben as angry payback for decades of being ignored.
  • We finally got to see Rose and Bernard -- boy, have they been missed. But they really didn't seem to miss anyone else.
  • And we finally learned the identity of the major character rumored to be killed off: Juliet, who had plunged to the bottom of a shaft where, moments before, Jack had dropped his handy mini nuclear warhead. It failed to trigger on cue. But Juliet, badly injured, pounded the bomb with a rock to set it off and fulfill Jack's mission.
So did the explosion work to return all to a safe landing of the original flight? That is not yet clear. What is clear is the usual black end title screen with 'LOST' in white lettering has been reversed. We were now left with a white title screen with 'LOST' in black lettering. Because everything has changed. Now we must somehow patiently wait nine months til the final season explains it all.

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