Thursday, May 28, 2009

TMZ Reports that Danny Gokey Voters Sided with Kris Allen

TMZ is reporting that sources at "American Idol" have told them that the margin between Kris Allen and Adam Lambert "wasn't even close" -- and the biggest factor in Allen's win was Danny Gokey.

Although not given the exact vote count, here is what the celebrity news site found out:

  • After Gokey was eliminated, the "lion's share" of his fans voted for Kris Allen in the finale
  • The extent of the lopsidedness surprised a lot of the big wigs at Idol
  • The AT&T texting "scandal" had no impact on the outcome -- the spread was that wide

So what do you think? Will this finally end the story? Do you think Idol should release the exact count? In earlier seasons, host Ryan Seacrest would announce the final vote count -- or at least the percentages. Should that policy be resurrected? And if revealed for this year, would the results match the percentage spread from last week's EntertainmentBlogger Idol poll (see left for results)?

Update: Poll now removed from side bar; here it is with results:


Kris Allen: 61 votes (57% of total votes)
Adam Lambert: 46 votes (43%)

Total votes: 107. Poll conducted over two days and closed before live airing of results finale.

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