Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Donald Trump and Miss California: A Tale of Two Hypocrites

Donald Trump announced today that Carrie Prejean will keep her crown as Miss California despite the controversy surrounding her views on same-sex marriage and the semi-nude photos of her that surfaced on the Internet. "We are in the 21st century," Trump, who owns the Miss USA pageant, said. "We have determined that the pictures taken were fine." As for the anti-same-sex-marriage answer she gave during the nationally-televised pageant last month, Trump said, "She gave a very honest answer when asked a tough question."

Well folks...here we have a story of TWO hypocrites.

1) Miss California has every right to believe what she wants about gay marriage. BUT when you get on a soapbox and act holier-than-thou and then we find out that you have done tons of semi-nude photo shoots -- well then you are a hypocrite. What God-loving Christian does that? And yes, more and more photos are now showing up -- check TMZ for yourself -- she reveals a full boob in one. So please, Miss California supporters, don't tell us that these are tasteful model shots.

2) Donald Trump -- where do we start? He fired Khloe Kardashian on this season's Celebrity Apprentice -- not for the task at hand -- but because she had a DUI in her past. We've learned that the teetotaler can't handle anyone else drinking. But somehow he can accept Miss California doing pornography in the past? Here I thought the organizers say the Miss USA Pageant is a serious scholarship-driven program for respectable young women. And that all who participate are role models for young girls. Yeah, right.


On June 10, Carrie Prejean was dethroned as Miss California for 'contract violations.' An EntertainmentBlogger poll that followed netted the following results:

Do you think Carrie Prejean was justifiably dethroned as Miss California?

Yes - a bit of a hypocrite = 39 votes (72%)
No - she deserved better = 15 votes (28%)

Total votes = 54

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