Thursday, May 7, 2009

Movie Review: STAR TREK

Let me first preface this review by saying I was never a Star Trek superfan. I watched -- and mildly enjoyed -- some repeats of the original series, but never any of the follow-ups or movie editions. So, you may be surprised by this (former?) non-superfan's review that follows...

Star Trek

J.J. Abrams (Lost, Cloverfield) resurrects the Star Trek franchise in this fun prequel that tells the story of how Kirk and Spock met -- and the full Enterprise crew bonded. With fast-paced action, lots of humor and a nod to the original (perfect cameo for original Spock, Leonard Nimoy), the movie will surely please both old fans and newbies. Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto (Heroes) head up the youthful cast. What could have been a 90210-like disaster, turns out to be thrilling two-hour ride into space. Bring on the sequels -- live long and prosper, J.J. Abrams!

Grade: A-


  1. STAR TREK - great review - this movie TOTALLY ROCKS! As a life long fan it was THRILLING to watch all the pieces of the puzzle come together thru out the film - and its got some AMAZING surprises too! Bring a seat belt when you go - this is a THRILL ride from start to finish! CANT WAIT to see it again - better yet - cant wait for the BONUS EXTRAS on the dvd!!!!!!!! and yes - BRING ON THE SEQUELS - this cast deserves more films together = or even better - a new tv series!!!!!!!!

  2. Here is my review:

    Star Trek (The IMAX Experience)

    The new Star Trek movie opens with a bang and a birth as Romulans from the future seek revenge on Vulcans and the Federation. Fans will be delighted and relish the recreation of their favorite TV show and characters from 40 years ago. The younger replacements have not only accurately captured the spirit of their crew member, but also a lot of the nuances of speech, expressions, and the subtle movements and poses. The movie is filled with so many memorable moments from Star Trek past that fans can’t help but smile and chuckle when they make that connection. If you are not a huge fan of the series, don’t worry because the movie is nonstop action that will dazzle your eyes and by the end you will want more. JJ Abrams has taken the helm of this franchise and boldly goes where no one has gone before. It is warp 10 awesome! Alien has got to see it again.

    Alien gives it 4 "red matter" stars out of 4.


    I saw the screening of Star Trek last night in Charlotte, NC. I too was never a fan of the show. Don't think I've ever watched a full episode. However, the movie was great. I had comedy, suspense, action, drama all in one. The sound effects were very good. My 14 year daughter said she was going to sleep before we got to the theatre. I think she was more into than I was. I recommend everyone to go see it.

    May 7, 2009 2:58 PM