Friday, August 28, 2009

DJ AM Found Dead -- Eerily Timed with Release of The Final Destination

Philadelphia-born Adam Goldstein, known to most by his stage name of DJ AM, was found dead in his bed today in New York City. According to some early reports, drug paraphernalia was allegedly found at the scene. He was 36.

DJ AM (above, left) barely escaped death in a 2008 plane crash involving him and fellow musician Travis Barker (right). Their plane crashed after aborting takeoff, killing four other people. Goldstein was badly burned in the crash. Barker, who was also injured, recently reunited with his Blink-182 bandmates and is currently back on tour.

Goldstein's death opens up the debate on whether or not we can cheat death. In the movie, Final Destination (2000), a group of teenagers believe they have cheated death by avoiding a plane crash. But soon after their escape, they begin dying one-by-one in mysterious freak accidents. Just today, the newest installment in the series, The Final Destination, opened in theaters. Eerie timing indeed.

Click on the video below -- to view a collaboration between Travis Barker and DJ AM -- RIP.

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