Thursday, August 6, 2009

EntertainmentBlogger Polls Predict Winners!

Just a quick note about EntertainmentBlogger polls. Although the polls represent small samples -- and the results are completely unscientific -- they have become great predictors. Our polls have accurately predicted the winners of two FOX reality competition shows -- both "American Idol" in the spring and "So You Think You Can Dance," which completed its summer season tonight.

First, many believed Adam Lambert would beat Kris Allen (below) to become the 8th "American Idol" -- but our poll results showed otherwise. And we were therefore not surprised that Allen was the ultimate victor (see results here).

Next, Brandon Bryant seemed destined to win over Jeanine Mason on the 5th season of "So You Think You Can Dance." But our poll showed that Mason (above) was actually heavily favored (see results at left). And win she did as the results were announced in tonight's finale. Earlier in the program, Kayla Radomski was revealed as the least popular among the remaining four. A few minutes later, Evan Kasprzak got the news that he had placed third. Therefore, all four finished in the exact order as in our poll.

So, if you've voted in these polls -- thanks! And if not, maybe next time you should take a look at how voting is going before you place your bets with your bookie!

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