Friday, March 5, 2010

Movie Awards Update: It's Oscar Weekend!

It's time to follow up on my post the day the Oscar nominations were announced (here) -- when I only needed to see five more movies before the big night. Well, last Sunday I saw the last of those five -- and so with a week to spare, I managed to see all 10 nominated films and all 20 nominated performances!

Well tonight, I thought I'd take it a step further and see the one nominated screenplay I have not seen. So what does this all mean?

Saturday: I will post mini reviews of all the movies I have seen over the past few weeks to catch up.

Sunday AM: I will post my predictions for the major categories of the 82nd Academy Awards -- best picture, actress, actor, supporting actress, supporting actor, director, adapted screenplay and original screenplay! So check back before the big telecast @ 8:30pm Sunday.

Meanwhile, don't forget to vote in the Oscar poll at left! And check out my reviews of all the films I've previously seen by clicking the reviews icon -- also at left.

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